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Nikki’s Fight Against MS

r Nikki and loving family | Image: Black Lily Images

Silverdale mother of two, Nikki Tatum, is suffering from the debilitating and unforgiving disease, Multiple Sclerosis. In recent times her symptoms have worsened and relapses are becoming more frequent. Lesions have developed on her spine and she has been informed by her neurologist that she is a likely candidate for a walking cane or wheelchair in the future.

Little is known about what sparks rapid MS progression. One can go many years without experiencing any symptoms to finding themselves in a wheelchair in the space of a few months. This is a very frightening prospect for the young mother.

Determined not to let the disease beat her, Nikki has researched treatment options. Those currently available in Australia have horrific side effects and only act to slow down the progression of her MS, best case scenario.

Her search for an answer has led her to Hematopoeitic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) treatment in Russia. HSCT works by harvesting and storing stem cells, blasting the body with chemo to kill off the faulty immune system, before reinfusing the stem cells and building a new immune system that is free from the disease. HSCT halts disease progression. Patients are left with the damage that has already been done, however symptoms will not worsen and the disease does not progress. For Nikki this would mean no more damaging relapses and no wheelchair!

Family and friends are raising funds to help Nikki travel to Russia in January 2017 to have this life changing, potentially lifesaving treatment. The cost of the full program of treatment, including travel expenses, is the equivalent of AUD $80,000.00.

They need to raise this money in a very short time span and are appealing to the community to donate to Nikki’s fund via the following link:

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